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2 May 2008
Hi. This is Osho. The word “curiosity.”
A question was asked whether curiosity is a feeling. Well, this is very much dependent on the starting point of yourself. The starting point of self as who you are.

When you discover something that you have not taken into consideration, or that hasn’t entered your world or the experience of yourself, and within yourself you experience a...you’ll experience it as a 'burst of expression,' a 'burst of opening' within yourself, when you find something and you’re reading it, or you’re watching it, and you experience a movement of expression, a burst, an opening within yourself; and within you, you investigate that which you have discovered further because of that particular, specific burst of expression within yourself.

Human beings define that as curiosity; you being curious about - or of - that which you have discovered and have not taken into consideration with an experience of you within your world and reality; and then, you investigate further. This expression or experience of curiosity is you opening another point within yourself in your world, in your reality, to expand you as who you are within and as yourself.

So, from that perspective, curiosity is not a feeling but an opening presented to, within and as self that’ll assist and support self within this process of self-expansion.


Yet, there is another form of curiosity, which is the design of curiosity, which is the construct of curiosity, and this curiosity is when you follow something; meaning - an example is with thoughts: when you’re here with and as self and the thought comes up and you wonder within yourself, or you consider within yourself, “Maybe, possibly, I should follow that thought, because maybe the thought will take me somewhere, or lead me towards something.” Meaning, that curiosity ignited within self when a thought, for instance, comes up and you consider within yourself of wanting to follow that thought because it may, or might, lead you to an interesting point somewhere existent within the realms of your mind.


That is curiosity as a design. That is curiosity as a construct. So, when you are led by something - for instance, a thought - when you follow a thought within hopes of it maybe, possibly leading you towards something or somewhere outside, separate from you, that is curiosity as a construct and a design.

Curiosity as an expression within self--that burst of expression within self as an opening when you see something before you that you haven’t taken into consideration before and you self-direct yourself, you move yourself to investigate or discover that which has been placed before you within your world or your reality--this is curiosity in self-expression. This is curiosity as an opening for and as self-expansion.


Alright, one more time...
Curiosity. When you are being led by something - in other words, for instance, let's take a thought for example - when you consider within yourself that maybe that thought will lead me towards something or somewhere outside separate from me, and you follow that thought in curiosity of where it might or maybe lead you towards, and you’re stumbling and following something - that’s curiosity as a design and a system. Curiosity as self-expansion is when you see something that you found, for instance, on the internet and/or within a book or… No, let’s use those two examples - when you’ve found something, when you’ve discovered a book, or when you’ve discovered something on the internet, and in reading or watching, a spark ignites within you a burst of experience, of expression within yourself, and you decide within yourself, you direct yourself, you move yourself to further investigate it because of the self-expression experience within yourself. This is curiosity as self-expansion. You are expanding yourself. Self-expansion because you are within it giving you the opportunity to self-use you and self-direct you to investigate and discover that which you have found to be interesting. This is you self-directing you, you self-using you. This is not you following something and where something else is leading you towards a point, no.

Alright. So there is the difference between curiosity as a design and a construct, and curiosity as self-expansion (when you self-direct and self-move you in a moment) .
Thank you very much.
This is Osho.


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