Osho: Trust is Not Transferable



Osho: Trust is Not Transferable
1 September 2007


This is Osho, and I'm speaking about trust not being transferable.
What does that mean? For instance, let's take the example of 'you sitting in front of your computer in the office and a man is walking in', okay? Now, during your application through “time,” you'll become more effective within the in-breath, the infinite moment, checking if your emotions, thoughts and feelings are clear, breathing out, and then speaking as clarity; and you'll become more effective and directive within that, and you'll be...and you'll start building trust.


But, what is an interesting thing is that sometimes an “unexpected” visitor might enter your office, someone unusual that you haven't seen before, and all of a sudden you'd start experiencing some emotions and feelings and reactive thoughts that you didn't conceive could actually exist within you...


So, what happens in such a scenario? Allow me to explain: Let's say you've now practiced the breathing in, infinite moment check (making sure that there are no emotions and feelings, and no thoughts in the moment), and breathing out, and you're starting to speak with clarity, but with beings who you see daily coming into your office, or who is considerably daily in your life, okay? And you've become effective with the application, because all your thoughts and emotions and feelings you had of reactive behaviors to the beings you've always seen in your world are starting to become clear. And you've built a form of trust within yourself of that application within you...in terms of who you are...in your world, with the human beings within your world, and how you experience yourself.


But, then, something interesting occurs: Another completely different human being that you've never met before starts walking into your office. All of a sudden, you're experiencing emotions, feelings, thoughts, reactive behaviors.
And then, you kind of...start judging yourself, and you...and you doubt yourself, because you thought: “Oh, my god, I had this trust inside me of my application in this infinite moment, making sure my thoughts are clear, making sure my emotions and feelings are clear, and here I'm immediately going into reactive behavior. Why?”


This must be understood: You're not able to define your trust in moments - in that infinite moment you have, when beings come into your world. Be careful of that! Because what have you done? You've based your trust - this being now, this “surprise” being, walks in and you're surrounded with emotions and feelings inside you, and your thoughts are going into reactive behaviors. Why? Because you've based your trust on past moments, not on trust as you in your application in every moment!


So what does it mean? You're not able to define your trust in past moments that you have “applied yourself” effectively.


See a moment, this infinite moment application, as a complete, new effective application in every moment. So in every new moment, the in-breath, the moment - the infinite moment between the in-breath and the out-breath is brand new, and each moment is brand new.
In other words, the moment a previous moment goes, you have to let that moment go completely. Because you're now within a completely new moment, you have to be prepared for the unexpected, and thus, I'm saying, do not define your trust in past moments of specific effectiveness.


do not define your trust in past moments of specific effectiveness


Your trust is where? In every new moment, in every breath you take, in between the in-breath and the out-breath, the infinite moment, making sure your thoughts and your emotions and feelings are clear. Then you move on to the next moment. Your trust is in your application, in every new moment, in every infinite moment between the in-breath and the out-breath.
Thank you very much.


This is a transcript from a video interview



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