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This is a transcript of audio done on 7 October 2007

Hi there, folks. This is Osho speaking...about the Osho madness show [winks, laughs]. As everyone...if there are human beings who have known about my specific character here on Earth, I have taken some aspect of me into the heavens and the Dimensions, which is 'madness.'
Madness is a profound experience and expression I find, because it is in the madness where one is the most free. The madness of self-expression. Still, I've had my little fun “tricks” I play in the Dimensions to...“heighten” the dimensional beings' awareness. For instance, I would run around in the Dimensions, screaming my head off for no apparent reason, and...[laughs] but all over. I would continue for a day or two, just run and scream, not stopping. Now, of course, we don't get tired, we don't have vocal cords that can break or anything like that; so, you're able to do such things.
And then, what...basically, by doing that, I check the dimensional being's reactions. And they check for themselves, if they had any reactions; and then, according to that, they forgive themselves and assist themselves accordingly. And then, about a week after it, I'll just start spontaneously start doing it again, and they can check within themselves: “Do I have any reactions? Any thoughts? Any judgments?” et cetera. Bringing out some “hidden constructs” within the dimensional beings of “disciplined ways” of how one must act and how must not act.

Uh, what else have I done? Oh, I've jumped around and I've laughed, jumping around in the Dimensions, crazy, laughing for no apparent reason, again, checking reactions. Those that have reactions, they are required to apply necessary forgiveness. That also... once, the longest I've done is three days, just laughing, jumping around in the Dimensions like a crazy person, and see any reactions. Very interesting look on some dimensional beings, their reactions within them. Occasionally, there are dimensional beings that present themselves as human form, but mostly we are in an egg-shaped expression. But, in terms of their expressions, sometimes goes completely stiff, like they don't know what to do, what to say, how to experience themselves. So, it's quite funny.

[laughs] I have, for instance, sneaked up behind dimensional beings and just, all of a sudden, yelled and screamed very loudly — so loud that it'd resonate through the entire Dimensions. I screamed: “BOOM!”... and [laughs] it was just quite an interesting experience. With this one being I did it with, he had such a fright that he actually exploded into thousands of little particles, his entire being just completely [moves hands apart] exploded, because he had such a fright. It was quite... an interesting reaction. It was more like... it seemed more like a protection mechanism than anything else. It was very funny. So, I keep... so I catch dimensional beings off guard; to see 'where are they,' 'where is their awareness' in every moment, 'what are they doing'. Because, if there are any reactions that come up, they're not HERE, they're not present. Those that remain just here, no matter what I do or how I express myself, they are aware of themselves.

I specifically also enjoy playing “tricks” on the new ones that come into the Dimensions. (Um.. uh what did I?) Oh — I've played myself, be a jumping jack, hopping around this one being who had just died, he was about thirty-three, thirty-two, and I would just jump around, all over him, all over him, and around him. And I'd make myself into this little small jumping jack and I'd be all around him, bugging him like a little mosquito. So, just imagine, you've just died, and here you have this little jumping jack hopping around all over and all around you, with no-one else, just a jumping jack, laughing.

But, then, Veno came and he sorted things out. Veno is quite “in charge” of the crossovers, but he also enjoys his fun now and again.

What else have I done? Oh, I've [laughs]... also, when human beings have just crossed over, what I also enjoy doing is integrating within them without them knowing it. I integrate into them and as them, and then I explode myself as them and explode them into these little [laughs] particles, and they have such an immense fright because they think: “Oh my god, what the hell happened right now?” There would be absolute confusion, and it's quite funny, just, you know, imagine you've just died, here you are, exploding into these little pieces, and you don't understand why — can I get myself back together again? Um, and I'd leave, like, a partial piece [indicates part of the face] only left, the rest of his being entirely dispersed, and he'd say: “Am I staying like this forever?”... and I'd say: “Yeah” [laughs]. Oh well, it's all fun and games; and then, afterward, we'd start some processes.

What else have I done? (exhales) Oh, I have once also exploded an atom bomb within the Dimensions. What happens when you place an atom bomb is everything gets exploded into thousands, millions of particles and pieces, everything in the Dimensions, nothing exists, and then beings have to get themselves back together again.

What else? (pause) Oh, I'll do things... for instance, I'd place myself in a meditation form, or position, or posture, and I'll just sit there next to a being for weeks, days, see whether there's any reactions of irritation or anger or frustration coming forth. There has been quite some — there was one I was with for about seven hours or so with [laughs]... no matter what the being did or say, I just sit, say nothing, just sit.

Also, sometimes, I'd walk in the Dimensions of course and beings would talk to me and I would just ignore them... to see if any reactions come forth [laughs]. What would they do if a person just doesn't answer them? How would they react? Where do their actions come from? So, I experiment as well. I enjoyed experimenting with that, that was quite an interesting observation — if you have beings speak to you, ask you questions, and you don't say anything, you just stand there and stare. Wait awhile, see what the being does, where their reactions come from. But, of course, afterward, I'd, you know, go and correct and just explain what I'm busy experimenting with.

So, there are a few 'Osho madness' moments in the dimensional existence, with which I have quite a bit of fun. So, we all do it for awareness, taking awareness, observing the being's applications... et cetera.
Thank you very much.
This is Osho.

7 October 2007

2011 note: The Dimensions as pictured by Osho in this interview do no longer exist







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